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EU membership and UK science after the referendum report debated

23 March 2017

On Thursday 23 March the House of Lords debates the Science and Technology Committee's report on A time for boldness: EU membership and UK science after the referendum, published on 20 December 2016.

The Committee found that uncertainty over the future relationship between EU and UK science is having a corrosive effect on the UK research base. However the Committee concluded that the Government has the power to mitigate many negative effects of Brexit and use it as a catalyst to address long standing underperformance in economic productivity.

The report recommends that the Government must search out the world's most accomplished scientists and persuade them to pursue careers in the UK and should send repeated signals to the global science community that the UK remains a welcoming place for talented scientists.

They further recommend that the UK should offer to host – in partnership with governments and finding bodies from other countries – one or more new, large-scale international research facilities.


Earl of Selborne, Chairman, will open the debate.

Lord Prior of Brampton will respond on behalf of the Government.

Among those listed to speak are Lord Krebs, Baroness Walmsley, Viscount Ridley and Lord Hunt of Chesterton. A full list of Members of the House of Lords who are due to speak in the debate can be viewed in the Speakers' Lists.

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