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Impact of Brexit on regulation and standards explored by Committee

10 January 2017

The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee takes evidence on the possible impact of Brexit on science and technology regulation and standards.


Tuesday 10 January in Committee Room 4A, Palace of Westminster

At 10.40am

  • Professor Guy Poppy, Chief Scientific Adviser, Food Standards Agency and Professor of Ecology, University of Southampton
  • Professor Sir Michael Rawlins, Chairman, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)
  • Dr Beth Thompson, Senior Policy Adviser, Wellcome Trust

At 11.40am

  • Dr Scott Steedman, Director of Standards, British Standards Institution (BSI)
  • Dr Martyn SenĂ©, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Director of Operations, National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

Possible questions

Questions likely to be covered in the sessions include:

  • What is the relationship between the UK and the EU in the domain of regulation and standards in your field?
  • How do you foresee Brexit influencing the development of regulations and standards within the EU?
  • In what ways would you expect the UK to continue to collaborate with the EU and other international bodies on the development and enforcement of regulations in the UK?
  • Will the UK need to negotiate fundamentally new agreements with all international partners or can we continue existing arrangements?
  • Do you expect Brexit to create new requirements for scientific advice in your field, for example on regulatory harmonisation during the negotiation of trade agreements?

Further information

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