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COVID-19 Rapid Summary: Modelling the Pandemic

8 June 2020

The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee are producing rapid summaries of oral evidence sessions, aimed at providing the public with the latest information on the science of COVID-19.


The second summary covers the Committee meeting of Tuesday 2 June, where we spoke to experts about the epidemiological models that have contributed to the pandemic response in the UK, and about approaches for future stages of the pandemic.

The transcripts and recording of this meeting can be found at the following:

Chair's comments

Chair of the Committee, Lord Patel, said:

"At a time when many are puzzled and anxious about COVID-19, these short summaries are a record of the evidence heard from experts about what is known and unknown about the developing science, which we hope will be helpful to the public."

Next Committee meeting

The inquiry will continue on Tuesday 9 June, when the Committee will question experts about how behavioural science can be used to inform responses to pandemics, before moving on to talk about the science and role of testing.

Further information