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COVID-19 Rapid Summary: Immunology and pathophysiology

30 June 2020

The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee is producing rapid summaries of oral evidence sessions, aimed at providing the public with the latest information on the Science of COVID-19.


This summary cover two evidence panels on Monday 15 June, where we heard from experts about pathophysiology (how the virus harms the body) and immunology (how the body tries to resist the virus).

The transcript and recording of this meeting can be found at the following:

Chair's comments

Chair of the Committee, Lord Patel, said:

"COVID19 is a new infection. Immunologist are continually learning about how the virus causes infection and how it may invade our immune response. Although it is primarily a respiratory infection, it can affect many systems in the body, and doctors are learning all the time how to treat it and improve outcomes."

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