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Eighth Informal Brexit Group held

27 October 2017

The eighth meeting of the Informal Brexit Liaison Group, set up by the House of Lords Liaison Committee, was held on Wednesday 25 October 2017.

The Group held a discussion with legislation expert Daniel Greenberg about the complexity of Brexit-related scrutiny and the likely duration of the process. Topics discussed included the definition of "exit day" in the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, the transposition of EU law into UK law, the way in which "retained EU law", transposed by the Bill, will relate to existing primary and secondary legislation and the role of the House of Lords in the scrutiny of secondary legislation relating to the transposition of EU law into UK law.

Questions raised included the need for clarity over when "exit day" would be under UK law, and of the definitions of "freezing" and "retention". The Group discussed the possible scrutiny mechanism for secondary legislation under the Bill and it was observed that in the short to medium term Statutory Instruments in areas which previously had been considered relatively unimportant or uninteresting, or which currently fell within areas of EU jurisdiction, were likely to need more parliamentary attention. There could also be greater unpredictability because of the likely increased propensity for Judicial Review.
As usual, the Committee Chairmen present updated the Group on recent and planned Brexit-related scrutiny.

The Group is expected to meet next in November.

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