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Creation of COVID-19 Committee recommended by Lords Liaison Committee

1 May 2020

The Lords Liaison Committee has today recommended to the House the creation of a COVID-19 Committee which will look at the long-term implications of COVID-19.

The Committee will have a broad, cross-cutting remit looking at economic, societal and wider international implications of the virus.

Lord McFall of Alcluith, Chair of the Liaison Committee said:

"This is the first time either House has sought to establish a new Committee dedicated to the COVID-19 emergency and the Government's response to it.

Two key strengths of Lords Committees are their cross-cutting nature - they are thematic in approach rather than set-up to shadow government departments - and the real world experience our Members can bring to them.

These strengths will be much in evidence in the new COVID-19 Committee which will be made up of experts across a whole range of relevant professional backgrounds and be free to consider all the aspects and impact of the current crisis including on the economy, education and the social bonds between generations."

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