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EU Committee hears from experts on the revised protocol on Ireland / Northern Ireland

7 February 2020

The House of Lords EU Committee takes evidence from Dr Sylvia de Mars, Colin Murray and David Henig on the revised Protocol on Ireland / Northern Ireland


Tuesday 11 February in Committee Room 3, Palace of Westminster

At 4.00pm

  • David Henig, Director, UK Trade Policy Project
  • Dr Sylvia de Mars, Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Newcastle
  • Colin Murray, Reader in Public Law, University of Newcastle

Topics for discussion

  • The process for application of new EU law to Northern Ireland under the terms of the Protocol
  • What will be required in terms of customs, VAT and regulatory checks in relation to GB Northern Ireland trade?
  • How will the mechanisms for EU supervision (including the role of the CJEU) of the operation of the protocol in Northern Ireland work in practice?

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