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Current EU Committee work

18 February 2020

The European Union Committee, assisted by six Sub-Committees, considers EU documents and other EU-related matters in advance of decisions being taken on them. It aims to hold the Government to account for its actions at EU level. The six Sub-Committees deal with different policy areas. The Select Committee and its Sub-Committees scrutinise proposals, conduct inquiries and prepare reports.

EU Select Committee

EU Financial Affairs Sub-Committee

  • Remit: The remit of the Sub-Committee covers customs, tax, structural cohesion funds and economic policy cohesion amongst the EU Member States. The Sub-Committee also has responsibility for scrutinising the European Semester and the draft EU Annual Budget.
  • Current work: Financial services after Brexit

EU Internal Market Sub-Committee

  • Remit: The Sub-Committee's remit includes competitiveness, research and innovation, the services industry and the free movement of goods and services. Scrutiny of the single market, youth unemployment and infrastructure proposals also fall to the Sub-Committee.
  • Current work: Level playing field and state aid 

EU External Affairs Sub-Committee

  • Remit: The Sub-Committee scrutinises proposals in the area of international trade, alongside foreign affairs, defence and development matters. The Sub-Committee's remit includes restrictive measures and sanctions regimes, the European Neighbourhood Policy, Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) and Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP).
  • Current inquiry: International Development Cooperation after Brexit

EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee

  • Remit: The Sub-Committee's remit includes the Common Agricultural and Fisheries Policies (CAP and CFP), environmental protection, climate change, maritime affairs and energy policy.
  • Current inquiries: Climate change and COP26 

EU Justice Sub-Committee

  • Remit: The Sub-Committee scrutinises proposals in the field of criminal justice and procedures, fundamental rights, copyright and intellectual property. Their remit also includes scrutinising proposals related to institutions and consumer protection.
  • Current inquiry: Brexit: citizens rights: follow-up 

EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee

  • Remit: The Sub-Committee is responsible for scrutinising proposals in the areas of health, education and sport, in addition to home affairs, where the remit includes police cooperation, asylum and migration, counter-terrorism, and civil protection.
  • Latest report: Brexit: refugee protection and asylum