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Lords debate impact of Brexit on devolution

9 October 2017

On Monday 9 October, the House of Lords debates the EU Committee's report on Brexit: devolution.

The debate

The report by the EU Select Committee was published on 19 July 2017. The report highlights the complex 'overlapping and shared competences' within the devolution settlements. The report also considers the impact of Brexit on Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

Northern Ireland

  • The Committee restated its previous conclusion that the unique circumstances of Northern Ireland will require unique, 'flexible and imaginative solutions'.


  • The Committee noted that the Welsh economy is heavily dependent on exports to the EU, and that Welsh manufacturing would be hard hit by a failure to agree a comprehensive trade deal with the EU.


  • The Committee concluded that any Brexit deal should accommodate Scotland's particular needs, including its reliance upon EU migration to meet both labour market and demographic needs.


The report will be debated alongside the House of Lords Constitution Committee's reports Inter-governmental relations in the United Kingdom and The Union and devolution. The debate will be introduced by former Constitution Committee chair Lord Lang of Monkton, and the EU Committee report will be introduced by Lord Jay of Ewelme. Scotland Office minister Lord Duncan of Springbank will respond for the Government.

Other speakers in the debate can be viewed in the Speakers' Lists.

Further information

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