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Visions of EU reform: EU Committee launches new inquiry

15 October 2015

The House of Lords EU Committee, chaired by Lord Boswell, launches a new inquiry entitled Visions of EU reform. The inquiry starts with an evidence session in the Welsh Assembly on Monday 19 October, to hear the views of the First Minister of Wales, Rt Hon Carwyn Jones, AM, and the Welsh Assembly Constitutional and Legal Affairs Committee.

Focus of the inquiry

The new inquiry, entitled 'Visions of EU reform', will explore the vision for the future of the EU that the UK Government is seeking to realise through its current reform proposals, ahead of the referendum on UK membership to be held by the end of 2017. The Committee will assess the extent to which there is consensus on the long-term direction of the EU, within the United Kingdom, the EU institutions and across the 28 EU Member States.

The Committee has published a Call for Evidence and invites responses by 30 November 2015. Its questions include:

  • Does the UK Government's vision for the EU adequately take account of the changing geo-political context?
  • Is the Government's vision achievable, and how has it been translated into specific reform objectives?
  • Have the views of key stakeholders within the UK, including the devolved institutions, been taken into account? Do they share the UK Government's vision?
  • To what extent is the UK Government's vision for the future of the EU shared by the EU institutions, and by other Member States? Where is there a possibility of consensus, and where are there major differences?

Further information

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