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Should UK take the nuclear option for its energy needs?

1 November 2016

The Economic Affairs Committee's next evidence session focuses on the agreement between the Government and EDF Energy for the construction of a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point. The Committee takes evidence from EDF Energy as well as critics of the scheme and other nuclear power companies.


Tuesday 1 November in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

At 3.35pm

  • Mr Vincent de Rivaz, Chief Executive, EDF Energy
  • Mr Paul Spence, Director of Strategy and Corporate Affairs, EDF Energy
  • Mr Humphrey Cadoux-Hudson, Managing Director of Nuclear New Build, EDF Energy

At 4:15 pm

  • Mr Peter Atherton, Associate, Cornwall Energy
  • Mr Tom Burke, Chairman, E3G, Third Generation Environmentalism

At 5:00 pm

  • Mr Tom Samson, Chief Executive Officer, NuGen
  • Mr David Stearns, Business Development Director, Horizon Nuclear Power

Possible Questions

Questions the Committee is likely to ask include:

  • What will happen if the project falls behind schedule and runs over budget? Will the UK Government be asked to fund the completion of the project?
  • The proposed reactor design has not been successfully installed anywhere else in the world: will this new technology work?
  • What is the contractual agreement between EDF Energy and the Chinese companies investing in Hinkley?
  • Do financial pressures on EDF threaten the financing of the project?
  • What are the other options available for new nuclear power?

The Committee is exploring the present mix of policy interventions and subsidies in the energy market. The core question which it is seeking to answer is: "What are the failures, if any, in the energy market and what measures are needed to correct them?"

Further information

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