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Dame Kate Barker gives evidence on the UK Housing Market

1 December 2015

On  Tuesday 1 December the Economic Affairs Committee opens its new inquiry into the economics of the UK Housing Market.


The evidence session starts at 3.35pm on Tuesday 1 December in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster.

At 3.35pm:

  • Dame Kate Barker, author of the Barker Review of Housing Supply in 2004
  • Martin Wolf, Chief Economic Correspondent for the Financial Times
  • Chris Walker, Head of Housing Planning and Urban Policy, Policy Exchange

Likely topics

Areas the session covers include the measures announced by the Chancellor in the Autumn Statement as well as:

  • Whether the Government's ambition for one million new homes in the next five years is realistic or adequate to deal with the housing crisis
  • What impact introducing a new land value tax might have on motivation to build new houses
  • The impact of Help to Buy
  • How renting can be made a more attractive proposition for young people and others and not be seen as 'throwing money away'.

Further information

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