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BEIS officials questioned on UK Energy Policy

29 November 2016

The Economic Affairs Committee hears evidence from Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy officials for its inquiry into the economics of UK Energy Policy. The Committee is exploring the present mix of policy interventions and subsidies in the energy market.

The core question which it is seeking to answer is: “What are the failures, if any, in the energy market and what measures are needed to correct them?”


Tuesday 29 November in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

At 3.35pm

  • Ashley Ibbett, Director of Clean Electricity
  • Dan Monzani, Head of Energy Security
  • Paro Konar-Thakkar, Head of Energy Economics and Analysis.

Likely questions

Questions the Committee is likely to ask include:

  • The wholesale cost of electricity is falling: why haven't energy bills fallen further and faster?
  • How much do measures to encourage low-carbon energy sources, such as offshore wind farms, add to the energy costs for consumers, businesses and industry?
  • How did the Government negotiate the Hinkley Point deal?
  • What is Plan B if Hinkley Point doesn't open on time?
  • What impact will Brexit have on energy policy?

Further information

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