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What housing lessons can UK learn from other countries?

16 March 2016

The Economic Affairs Committee takes evidence from experts on the Dutch and French housing markets as part of its inquiry into the economics of the UK housing market.


Tuesday 15 March in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

At 2.35pm

  • Professor Hugo Priemus, Emeritus Professor, Delft University
  • M. Bernard Vorms, Chair, National Council of Transaction and Property Management (France)
  • M. Jean-Pierre Shaefer, Special Adviser, National Council of Cities (France)

Likely questions

The panel covers areas such as:

  • What lessons the UK can learn from the housing market in other countries
  • Whether the level of house prices in France and the Netherlands is seen as a problem
  • Could the UK improve the availability of affordable housing by using ‘Dutch style' self-build homes?

Further information

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