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Energy producers and industrial users questioned on UK energy policy

8 November 2016

The Economic Affairs Committee hears from energy production and industrial energy user sectors for its inquiry into the economics of UK Energy Policy. The Committee is exploring the present mix of policy interventions and subsidies in the energy market.


Tuesday 8 November in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

At 3.35pm

  • Mr Martin Pibworth, Managing Director of Wholesale, Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) plc
  • Mr Francis Egan, Chief Executive, Cuadrilla Resources
  • Mr Tor Martin Anfinnsen, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Trading, Statoil

At 4.35pm

  • Mr Richard Warren, Senior Energy & Environment Policy Adviser, Engineering Employers' Federation UK (EEF)
  • Mr Jeremy Nicholson, Director, Energy Intensive Users Group
  • Mr Andrew Buckley, Director General, Major Energy Users' Council 

Focus of the session

Questions the Committee is likely to ask include:

  • Is a shortage of energy capacity a realistic concern?
  • Do you have the confidence in Government energy policy necessary for long-term investment decisions?
  • What is the future of energy production in the North Sea?
  • When will drilling for shale gas begin in the UK and should the Government make shale gas exploration easier?
  • How important are energy prices in determining industrial investment decisions in the UK?
  • How does the price of energy in the UK compare to similar countries?
  • Have energy prices contributed to lost industrial activity in the UK? Have companies relocated because of this?

Further information

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