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How should the UK protect and create jobs amidst COVID-19?

4 September 2020

The Economic Affairs Committee holds its first evidence session on its Employment and COVID-19 inquiry.


Tuesday 8 September, virtual meeting

At 3pm

  • Rain Newton-Smith, Chief Economist, CBI
  • Kate Bell, Head of Rights, International, Social and Economics, TUC
  • Martin McTague, National Vice Chair Policy and Advocacy, FSB
  • Andy Chamberlain, Director of Policy, IPSE

At 4pm

  • Guntram Wolff, Director, Bruegel
  • Katharine Mullock, Labour market economist, OECD

Likely questions

Questions likely to be asked may include:

  • Should the Job Retention Scheme and support for the self-employed be extended beyond October?
  • What factors should inform how long the schemes should last and the level of support that should be provided by Government?
  • Is it possible to target the Job Retention Scheme at specific sectors or regions? What barriers might make targeting difficult?
  • What extra support is needed to protect and create jobs?
  • How does the UK’s package of support for businesses and workers compare to those of other countries that you have examined?
  • How does the UK’s job retention scheme in particular compare to other income protection schemes that have been introduced around the world?
  • What skill measures have been shown to be effective in mobilising the workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Further information