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Rishi Sunak on the economy and lessons learnt from the Covid-19 crisis

15 May 2020

The Economic Affairs Committee holds its annual evidence session with the Chancellor of the Exchequer.


Tuesday 19 May, virtual meeting

At 3.00pm

The Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP

Likely questions

  • How much will the Government's support schemes cost and when do these schemes become too expensive?
  • Will you extend support to the self-employed as well, now that the Job Retention Scheme for employees has been extended until October?
  • Is the Treasury considering widening, or introducing additional loan schemes, to cover companies that fall between the gaps in the existing schemes?
  • What further thought has HM Treasury given to Local Authority finances if the initial extra money will not cover the full cost of the pandemic to local finances? Are you prepared to see some Local Authorities declare themselves insolvent?
  • Will you consider hazard pay for care workers and other key workers who are required to work in the most high-risk environments?
  • Will the increases that you have made to Universal Credit be made permanent?
  • What lessons has the Treasury learnt from the crisis?

Further Information

Image: Jessica Taylor