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Mark Carney on financial stability, brexit and green finance

11 February 2020

The Economic Affairs Committee hears evidence from the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, in his last annual session with the Committee.


Tuesday 11 February in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

At 3.35pm

  • Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England

Likely questions

  • What are the long-term consequences of persistent low-interest rates for the UK economy?
  • Has Quantitative Easing succeeded in unlocking enough growth to achieve a sustained economic recovery?
  • Can the UK's 'productivity puzzle' be solved?
  • What are the biggest risks to financial stability in the UK?
  • What will be the impact of the Government's 'levelling up' agenda on the economy?
  • How will business investment be affected now that the UK has left the EU's institutions?
  • What will the target of net zero carbon emissions mean for the UK economy?

This will be Mark Carney's final appearance before the Committee as Governor of the Bank of England as his mandate finishes next month.  

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