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Universal Credit, the labour market and disabled claimants support considered by Committee

7 May 2020

The Economic Affairs Committee holds its sixth evidence session on the economics of Universal Credit inquiry.


Wednesday 13 May, virtual meeting

At 3.00pm

  • Tony Wilson, Institute Director, Institute for Employment Studies
  • Emma Stewart, CEO & Co-Founder, Timewise Foundation

At 4:00pm

  • Evan Odell, Researcher, Disability Rights UK
  • James Taylor, Executive Director of Strategy, Impact and Social Change, Scope

Likely questions

  • How well do the original aims and objectives of Universal Credit fit with the contemporary labour market, particularly for low paid workers and those in insecure or irregular employment?
  • To what extent is Universal Credit's in-work service able to prioritise job quality?
  • What barriers do people who struggle to work full-time face under in-work progression?
  • To what extent does Universal Credit require a more joined-up approach with the needs of employers? What sort of dialogue needs to happen?
  • Is the work-first approach underlying Universal Credit an appropriate framework for disabled people?
  • Does Universal Credit's design cause issues specific to disabled claimants?
  • What effect have the cuts to Universal Credit's funding had on disabled claimants?
  • How appropriate, and successful, is the conditionality regime when it is applied to people with disabilities?

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