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Constitution Committee recommends amendments to Trade Bill

15 October 2018

The Constitution Committee today publishes a report calling for amendments to the Trade Bill.

Key findings

The Committee urges the government to ensure that the promised legal safeguards for delegated powers are included in the Bill and raises concern over the use of broad powers to establish the new Trade Remedies Authority. It also recommends that the definitions of retained EU law used in the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 are applied in the Trade Bill.

The Committee highlights the need for new parliamentary scrutiny mechanisms for treaties post-Brexit and recommends that the UK Government set out how intergovernmental mechanisms will be adjusted to involve the devolved administrations in treaty-making after the UK leaves the European Union.

Chairman's comments

Chairman of the House of Lords Constitution Committee, Baroness Taylor of Bolton said:

“We recognise the scale, challenge and unprecedented nature of Brexit, but the Government must legislate in line with constitutional principles. In particular, it must deliver on the safeguards for delegated powers that it promises in the Trade Bill's explanatory notes, but which it has not included in the Bill itself.”

Further information

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