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Former Director of Scotland Office gives evidence on the Union

17 November 2015

The House of Lords Constitution Committee hears evidence from Alun Evans, the former Director of the Scotland Office, and Professor Philip Booth from the Institute for Economic Affairs, as part of its inquiry into the Union and devolution.


The evidence sessions take place on Wednesday 18 November in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster.

At 10.30am:

  • Alun Evans, former Director of the Scotland Office

At 11.00am:

  • Professor Philip Booth, Institute for Economic Affairs

Possible questions

In the first session, the Committee investigates a number of areas including:

  • How the Territorial Offices cooperate on devolution issues
  • What impact his vision for 'Home Rule' for Scotland would have on the Union
  • How the Government will need to adapt to accommodate further devolution as outlined in the Scotland Bill

In the second session the Committee explores various issues including Professor Booth's proposals for a federal system for the UK:

  • Whether a federal system can work when England's population and economy is so much larger than other parts of the UK
  • What might happen to the 'social union' if welfare policy were devolved
  • Implications for the Union of English votes for English laws

Further information

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