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Experts questioned on the Great Repeal Bill

27 January 2017

The Constitution Committee hears evidence from experts on delegated legislation, and issues relating to the legislative challenges faced by the so-called 'Great Repeal Bill', as part of its inquiry on the Legislative Process.


Wednesday 1 February in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

At 11.15am

  • Professor John Bell, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Paul Craig, University of Oxford
  • Professor Alison Young, University of Oxford

Areas of questioning

  • What are likely to be the main challenges faced by the Government is repealing the European Communities Act 1972 (ECA)?
  • What will be the challenges faced by Parliament when scrutinising the ‘Great Repeal Bill'?
  • Will it be possible for the ‘Great Repeal Bill' to separate out areas of EU law that can easily be transferred into UK law, and those which will require amendment and modification?
  • How can Parliament reduce the constitutional risks that will arise if the Government seeks wide-ranging Henry VIII powers to convert EU law into UK law?
  • What challenges will the Government and Parliament face in relation to the devolution settlement when repealing the ECA and incorporating EU law in the UK?Are there likely to be repatriated powers that automatically fall within the competence of the devolved administrations? Is there likely to confusion about this?
  • How can the devolved institutions be engaged in the process of converting EU law into domestic law?

Further information

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