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Experts discuss Parliament's role in treaty scrutiny

21 November 2018

The House of Lords Constitution Committee hears evidence from legal experts as part of its inquiry on Parliamentary scrutiny of treaties.


Wednesday 21 November in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

At 11.30am

  • Professor David Howarth, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Elaine Fahey, City Law School, University of London
  • Dr Mario Mendez, Queen Mary, University of London

Possible questions

  • Under the current system for negotiating and approving treaties, is the balance of power between Parliament and the Government appropriate?
  • How should Parliament scrutinise treaties after Brexit?
  • How effective is the European Parliament's influence over, and scrutiny of, treaties?
  • Are there example of treaty scrutiny in other countries that we might learn from?
  • What role should the devolved governments and the devolved legislatures have in treaty negotiation and ratification?

Further information

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