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Chairman of Judicial Appointments Commission questioned by Committee

24 February 2017

On Wednesday 1 March the Constitution Committee hears evidence from the Chairman of the Judicial Appointments Commission, Rt Hon. Professor Lord Kakkar.


Wednesday 1 March in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster.

At 11.30am

  • The Rt Hon. Professor Lord Kakkar, Chairman of the Judicial Appointments Commission
  • Lord Justice Burnett, Vice-Chairman of the Judicial Appointments Commission

Possible questions

  • In our 2012 report on Judicial Appointments, we stated that "There needs to be a greater commitment on the part of the Government, the judiciary and the legal professions to encourage applications for judicial posts from lawyers other than barristers. Being a good barrister is not necessarily the same thing as being a good judge." To what extent have you seen an increase in applications from non-barristers over the past few years?
  • In our 2012 report, we also recommended that the retirement age for Court of Appeal and Supreme Court Justices should be raised to 75, from 70. What is your view of this proposal?
  • Do you believe concerns about judicial recruitment have been taken seriously by Government? Have you any suggestions as to how these problems might be address? And Are there measures that you would like to see implemented but that must be taken forward by the Government or Parliament?

Further information

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