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Commons leader questioned on the legislative process inquiry

13 December 2016

The Constitution Committee hears evidence from David Lidington MP, Leader of the House of Commons, Elizabeth Gardiner, First Parliamentary Counsel, and David Cook, Second Parliamentary Counsel, as part of its large-scale inquiry on the Legislative Process.


Wednesday 14 December in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

At 10.30am

  • Rt Hon. David Lidington MP, Leader of the House of Commons
  • Elizabeth Gardiner, First Parliamentary Counsel
  • David Cook, Second Parliamentary Counsel

Possible questions

Possible questions the Committee may put to the Leader of the House of Commons and Parliamentary Counsels include:

  • What are the respective responsibilities of the Leader of the House Commons (as Chair of the Parliamentary Business and Legislation Cabinet Committee), the OPC and the Attorney General in upholding the quality of legislation?
  • Has down-sizing the civil service in recent years produced a deficit of skills and experience to the detriment of the quality of legislation?
  • In what circumstances do you think 'skeleton' Bills and clauses are appropriate?
  • On what basis do parliamentary counsel decide whether or not it is appropriate to insert delegated powers into legislation? Are there any guiding principles or rules—and if not, why not?

Further information

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