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Constitution Reform Group gives evidence on the Union and devolution

11 January 2016

The Constitution Committee hears evidence from think tanks, trade union groups and experts on the Union and devolution inquiry.


Wednesday 13 January in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

First panel

At 10.30am

  • Lord Salisbury, Constitution Reform Group
  • Lord Hain, Constitution Reform Group
  • Daniel Greenberg, Constitution Reform Group

Second panel

At 11.00am

  • Paul Nowak, Assistant General Secretary, TUC
  • Tony Armstrong, Chief Executive, Locality

Third panel

At 11.45pm

  • Professor Matthew Flinders, University of Sheffield
  • Katie Ghose, Electoral Reform Society

Possible questions

In the first session, possible questions the Committee may put to the witnesses include:

  • What progress have you made since launching your Discussion Paper in September 2015 and what are the next steps in the Group's work?
  • How are you planning to engage with citizens to ensure that the outcome of your work meets their needs?

Questions in the second session may include:

  • How important is the sharing of risks and benefits through the pooling of resources and welfare across the United Kingdom?
  • How and to what extent do differences in Government policy and service delivery between and within the nations of the UK affect trade unions and the voluntary sector? Does variation risk undermining social solidarity between the nations?
  • Do you feel divergences in policy and service delivery offer any opportunities or risks for your organisations and sectors?

Questions in the third session may include:

  • What are the key conclusions you have drawn from the Citizens' Assembly pilots?
  • How could a constitutional convention best be used to address questions around devolution and the territorial constitution? Could a single convention deal with the issue or should the regions and nations of the UK each be asked to deliberate? 

Further information

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