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Shadow Leader of the House of Lords discusses the Legislative Process

12 September 2018

The House of  Lords Constitution Committee examines the Shadow Leader of the House of  Lords Baroness Smith of  Basildon. This public evidence session is part of the Committee's large-scale inquiry into the legislative process.


Wednesday 12 September in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

At 10.30am

Possible questions

  • How effective is Parliament's scrutiny of bills? 
  • Do the two Houses complement each other effectively in the consideration of bills?  
  • How well does the process of scheduling business by the 'usual channels' work in the House of Lords? 
  • How useful are the various explanatory materials accompanying bills for parliamentarians and the public? 
  • Does Parliament effectively facilitate public and stakeholder engagement during the passage of legislation?
  • How can the wider understanding of the legislative process be improved?

Further information

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