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Oliver Letwin faces questions on the Union and devolution

9 February 2016

The Constitution Committee takes evidence from Oliver Letwin MP, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and the Minister responsible for coordinating constitutional reform, as part of its inquiry into the Union and devolution.


Wednesday 10 February, Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

At 10.30am

  • Rt Hon. Oliver Letwin MP, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

Possible questions

Questions the Committee may ask Mr Letwin include:

  • As further powers are devolved within the UK, which need to be retained at the UK Parliament and Government level?
  • How far should the UK Government retain control of areas such as welfare that are key to the redistribution of wealth and resources across the UK?
  • Whether the Government is committed to demand-led devolution; and, if so, what it is doing to assess public demand for the devolution of powers in England?
  • How does the Government make decisions on constitutional matters?
  • What might be the advantages to establishing a new constitutional framework setting out principles of devolution, intergovernmental relations and the protection of human rights?
  • Following the introduction of ‘English votes for English laws' and City Deals how will the governance of England develop over the next decade?
  • How can the public be better engaged in the process of agreeing devolution City Deals?
  • How does the Government respond to concerns that ‘English votes for English laws' would prevent a Scottish MP becoming prime minister and could prevent a future government passing its Budget?

Further information

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