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Policy experts questioned on the Legislative Process inquiry

9 November 2016

The Constitution Committee hears evidence from the Institute for Government, the Alliance for Useful Evidence and the Behavioural Insights Team at the Cabinet Office, on the Legislative Process inquiry.


Wednesday 9 November in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

At 10.30am

  • Jill Rutter, Institute for Government
  • Jonathan Breckon, Alliance for Useful Evidence/Nesta
  • Dr David Halpern, Behavioural Insights Team, Cabinet Office

Possible questions

Possible questions the Committee may put to the witnesses include:

  • How well does the Government use evidence to make policy and develop legislation?
  • To what extent are party manifesto policies based upon solid evidence? What could be done to ensure manifesto policies, particularly for political parties outside Government, are based on evidence?
  • How should Government Departments engage with the wider public in acquiring evidence for policy and legislation, and then in making that evidence known?  Is there a role for new technology in this regard, or better use of existing technology?

Further information

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