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Lords to question Lord Chancellor Chris Grayling

26 March 2014

The House of Lords Constitution Committee will this week take evidence from Chris Grayling MP, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice. The Committee holds an annual session with the Lord Chancellor.


At 10.30am, Wednesday 26 March 2014, Committee room 1, Palace of Westminster:

  • Rt Hon. Chris Grayling MP, Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor

Likely questions

Areas the session is likely to cover include:

  • What impact does the Lord Chancellor’s obligations to uphold the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary have on his work as Secretary of State for Justice?
  • What action has the Lord Chancellor taken to increase diversity in the judiciary?
  • What impact will clause 14 of the Immigration Bill, which instructs courts on how much weight to give to certain factors when considering the rights under the European Convention on Human Rights  of those facing deportation, have on the discretion of courts and tribunals?
  • Does the Lord Chancellor agree with the joint committee on the draft prisoner voting bill that parliamentary sovereignty is not an argument against implementing a judgment of the European Court of Human Rights?
  • How much weight has been given to principles of access to justice in developing reforms to legal aid?
  • Should the court system be funded only by those that use it or by the nation as a whole?

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