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Lords Committee looking at coalition government hear from David Laws MP

30 October 2013

The House of Lords Constitution Committee, which is investigating the constitutional implications of coalition government, will on Wednesday take evidence from David Laws MP, who as Minister of State at the Cabinet Office has responsibility for coordinating and developing government policy. He was a member of the Liberal Democrat negotiations team after the 2010 general election.


At 10:30am, Wednesday 30 October, Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster:-

  • David Laws MP, Minister of State at the Cabinet Office and Department for Education, and member of Liberal Democrat negotiations team after 2010 general election


The committee is likely to ask:

  • How well prepared were the Lib Dems for the possibility of hung parliament after the 2010 general election?
  • What consideration did the Lib Dem leadership give to entering into ‘confidence and supply’ arrangement rather than a full coalition?
  • How important was the agreement to pursue a full, five-year fixed-term Parliament to the coalition agreement?
  • How was it decided on which policies the coalition partners would be free to adopt different positions?
  • How important was the allocation of ministerial posts during the negotiations?
  • Should the House of Commons in future be entitled to vote on coalition agreements?
  • How well has the UK constitution adapted to coalition government?
  • How well has the convention of collective responsibility operated under the coalition?
  • What preparations are the Lib Dems making for future hung parliaments?

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