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Committee continues to investigate the impact of COVID-19 on Parliament

16 June 2020

The Constitution Committee holds its second evidence session for the Parliament and Government strand of the inquiry into the constitutional implications of COVID-19. The Committee hears from Lord Harris, Chair of Labour Peers and Lord Hunt, Chair of the Association of Conservative Peers.


The Committee's inquiry was launched to consider the significant constitutional implications of the pandemic and the Government's response to it. This includes the ability of Parliament to hold the Government to account, scrutiny of emergency powers and the operation of the courts.


Wednesday 17 June at 10.30am

  • Lord Harris of Haringey, Chair of Labour Peers
  • Lord Hunt of Wirral, Chair of the Association of Conservative Peers

Possible question

  • How effectively has the Government engaged with Parliament during the pandemic?
  • What are the benefits, drawbacks and challenges of virtual proceedings for the House of Lords?
  • What aspects of virtual or hybrid proceedings should be retained after the end of social distancing?
  • Has Parliament been able to scrutinise adequately the Government's use of emergency powers?

Further information

Image: Parliament Jessica Taylor