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UK advertising in a digital age report debate

24 April 2019

The House of Lords debates the Communications Committee's report "UK advertising in a digital age" on Thursday 25 April.


The report, published in April 2018, found that although advertising was a highly successful industry and key to the UK's economy, the digital advertising market was dysfunctional and opaque to the extent that even individuals within the industry did not have a clear understanding of it.

The Committee recommended that the industry should take greater steps to self-regulate through independent bodies and called on the Competition and Markets Authority to undertake a market study of the digital advertising market to ensure that it is working fairly for businesses and consumers.


The debate is being moved by Lord Gilbert of Panteg, Chairman of the Committee, and Viscount Younger of Leckie responds on behalf of the Government. Other members expected to speak include:

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Image: House of Lords 2019 / Photography by Roger Harris