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A privatised future for Channel 4? report debate

12 October 2017

On Tuesday 17 October, the House of Lords debates the Communications Committee's report from July 2016 - 'A privatised future for Channel 4?


The debate is being moved by Lord Best and Lord Ashton of Hyde responds on behalf of the Government.

Among the speakers are:

Other Members of the House of Lords who are due to speak in the debate can be viewed in the Speakers' Lists.


The report, 'A privatised future for Channel 4?', was published in July 2016 and urged the Government not to pursue any plans to sell the channel, saying that the risks of privatisation outweigh the benefits.

The Committee examined the broadcaster's financial sustainability as well as the implications of privatisation, in light of the Government's review of the future of Channel 4 Corporation.

Karen Bradley MP, the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, responded to the report in March 2017 notifying the Committee that she had decided not to privatise Channel 4. She also announced that the Government would launch a consultation to seek views on how Channel 4 could most effectively increase its regional impact. 

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