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Enders Analysis and Ofcom give evidence on Channel 4

11 April 2016

The Communications Committee holds the first evidence sessions of its new inquiry into the sustainability of Channel 4 on Tuesday 12 April.

  • Parliament TV: The sustainability of Channel 4
  • Inquiry: The sustainability of Channel 4
  • Select Committee on Communications
  • Background

    The Committee hears from industry analysts and senior officials at Ofcom on a range of issues such as whether Channel 4 should be privatised, potential buyers for Channel 4, technology changes, and its public service broadcasting obligations.


    Tuesday 12 April in Committee Room 2, Palace of Westminster

    At 3.30pm

    • Claire Enders, Founder, Enders Analysis

    At 4.15pm

    • Dr Steve Unger, Chief Technology Officer, Ofcom
    • Gareth Barr, Head of Public Service Policy, Ofcom

    Possible questions to Claire Enders

    • What makes you think that Channel 4 is commercially sustainable?
    • Why is the Government showing concern over its future now?
    • Should Channel 4 be privatised?
    • Is Channel 4 fulfilling its core public service broadcasting duties?

    Possible questions to Ofcom witnesses

    • Ofcom has just renewed Channel 4's licence for another ten years – why is the Government talking about privatisation now?
    • How sustainable is Channel 4?
    • Is Channel 4's obligation to older children and younger adults being met?

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