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Too much information? Lords to investigate children and the internet

18 July 2016

The Communications Committee launches a new inquiry today looking at the impact of the internet on children.


The inquiry will explore the risks and dangers presented to children by pervasive access to the internet, as well as the benefits. The Committee will also investigate how children's use of the internet is governed and regulated, examining the roles that parents, schools, media companies and regulators should all play.


Committee Chairman, Lord Best, said:

“The use of the internet by children is now so established, so common, that we need to understand the risks. Are we keeping young people safe in a digital age? How much of an impact is the internet having on the development of children? Are regulations around access, risk, and data protection adequate? How can providers of internet services be encouraged to incorporate concern for the welfare of children in designing their products? These are key issues which we will want to investigate.

“However, we want to make sure that the inquiry does not dismiss the internet as overwhelmingly detrimental to young people, and we will examine closely the opportunities it is giving to children, from learning through to social interaction.”

Deadline for written submissions

The deadline for submissions is Friday 26 August.

Further information

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