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Committee visit MediaCityUK to investigate BBC's national and regional work

29 October 2015

The House of Lords Communications Committee visits MediaCityUK, Salford on Thursday 29 October to hold four evidence sessions looking into the BBC's fourth public purpose: 'Representing the UK, its nations, regions and communities'.

The evidence sessions will take place on Thursday 29 October at the BBC's Quay House in MediaCityUK, Salford.

First panel

At 11.00am:

  • Jenny Baxter, Chief Operating Officer, BBC England
  • Peter Johnston, Director, BBC Northern Ireland

Second panel

At 12 noon:

  • Ken MacQuarrie, Director, BBC Scotland
  • Rhys Evans, Head of Digital and Strategy, BBC Wales

Third panel

At 2.00pm:

  • Richard Williams, Chief Executive, Northern Ireland Screen
  • Caroline Norbury, Chief Executive, Creative England

Fourth panel

At 3.00pm:

  • Hywel Wiliam, Member of the Media Policy Group, Institute of Welsh Affairs

Possible questions

In the first two sessions, the Committee explores issues including:

  • the representation of regional talent both on and off air
  • the importance of local news provision to local communities
  • the issues surrounding local language programming, including the BBC's current understanding of 'catering for the nations'
  • how effectively it is made accountable to the BBC Trust for the fulfilment of the purposes.

In the second two sessions, the Committee investigates a number of areas including:

  • the effect of devolved powers as they affect the broadcasting industry
  • whether the BBC is fulfilling its public purposes in relation to their regions
  • what they think of the argument that the BBC hinders commercial operators
  • their reaction to the BBC Trust's proposal to change the wording of the public purposes.

Further information

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