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BBC Charter Renewal inquiry - supplementary Call for evidence

17 September 2015

The House of Lords Select Committee on Communications has become interested in considering an additional question, as a result of the evidence heard so far during its inquiry into certain aspects of BBC Charter Renewal. Is the BBC's current scale and scope appropriate?

This question links directly to the Committee's original question about the underlying purpose of the BBC. The public purposes should set out what the BBC is expected to do and the additional question considers what scale and scope is necessary to meet those purposes.


On 26 June, the House of Lords Select Committee on Communications launched an inquiry ahead of BBC Charter Renewal into two specific areas of the BBC: what should be the public purposes of the BBC, and who should set the level of the licence fee? Oral evidence sessions started in July and are expected to continue into November.


The Committee invites the submission of written evidence to be received by 30 September 2015 (this is an extension to the original deadline). The Committee expects to hear oral evidence from invited witnesses from July to November 2015. The Committee intends to report in February or March 2016. Reports are made for the information of the House but may also make recommendations. The Government has undertaken to respond in writing to reports from select committees.

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