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What does the future hold for commercial broadcasters?

10 May 2019

The Communications Committee questions representatives from Sky, the UK's leading pay TV broadcaster, and the Commercial Broadcasters Association (COBA), a trade organisation, as well as trade associations for TV production companies Pact and Indie Club.


Tuesday 14 May, Committee Room 2, Palace of Westminster

At 3:30pm

  • Alistair Law, Head of Policy, UK and Ireland, Sky
  • Adam Minns, Executive Director, Commercial Broadcasters Association

The Committee hears Sky and COBA's views on the changing media landscape.

At 4:30pm

  • Charles Lauder, Chief Executive Officer, Indie Club
  • John McVay OBE, Chief Executive Officer, Pact

Pact is the UK's leading trade association for film, TV, animation, children's and digital production companies. It leads industry initiatives, such as negotiating the Terms of Trade, a standard contract for PSBs and production companies. Indie Club was recently founded and represents the interests of production companies outside London.

Possible lines of questioning

Topics likely to be covered across both evidence sessions include:

  • Is there a shortage of production staff and capacity? If so, what interventions might be necessary to support the production sector?
  • Has there been an inflation in production costs and, if so, why and in which specific areas of production?
  • What more could public service broadcasters do to encourage independent production companies to work with them?
  • Are public service broadcasters doing enough to appeal to and represent the regions and nations of the UK, including supporting local production?

Further information

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