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Skills for the theatre industry: new inquiry launched

10 March 2017

The Communications Committee launches a short inquiry into the skills needed to sustain the UK theatre industry.


Using the theatre as a case study, the Committee examines how the UK can nurture and develop the talent needed to maintain the success of this country's creative industries.


The Government has identified the creative industries as one of their priorities for “cultivating world-leading sectors” as part of its Industrial Strategy.

Figures for the sector show that creative industries was worth £87.4 billion a year to the UK economy in 2015. Despite this valuable contribution, some have identified a widening gap between the skills demanded by the sector and those supplied by education and training providers. There has also been a decline in funding from local authorities, which constitute the largest single source of revenue for the creative sector.

There is no specific education route to a job in a theatre and it has become an uncertain career path with poorly paid entry level jobs. There are concerns that it has become a career for only those who can afford it leading to a decrease in diversity within the sector.

Written evidence

Written evidence is not being solicited for this short investigation. If, however, any individual or organisation would like to make a written submission they should, in the first instance, contact the Clerk.

Further information

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