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Lords question Sir Christopher Bland and Gavyn Davies on BBC regulation

16 March 2011

The House of Lords Select Committee on Communications questioned former BBC Chairmen Sir Christopher Bland and Mr Gavyn Davies, and media commentators on Tuesday 15 March as part of its new inquiry into the governance and regulation of the BBC.

The Committee heard evidence at 4.30 pm from:

  • Sir Christopher Bland, BBC Chairman 1996-2001
  • Mr Gavyn Davies, BBC Chairman 2001-2004

The Committee also heard evidence at 3.30 pm from the following media commentators:

  • Mr Steve Hewlett – Broadcaster and Media Consultant
  • Mr Neil Midgley – Assistant Editor (Media), Daily Telegraph
  • Mr Ray Snoddy – Media Commentator

The meetings were held in Committee Room 2 on Committee Corridor.

Image: iStockphoto