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Lords question media agencies on regulation of television advertising

1 December 2010

The House of Lords Communications Committee heard evidence from media agencies on Tuesday 30 November as part of its inquiry into the regulation of the television advertising industry.

Witnesses appearing before the Committee, at 3.30 pm in Committee Room 2 of the House of Lords, were:

  • Mr Tom George, CEO, Mediaedge: CIA;
  • Mr Andy Jones, CEO, Universal McCann;
  • Mr Geoffrey Russell, Director of Media Affairs, Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA); and
  • Mr Steve Williams, CEO, OMD Group

The Committee also took evidence at 4.30 pm from market and economic experts.

Witnesses appearing before the Committee were:

  • Mr John Billett, Advertising and Media Consultant;
  • Mr Steve Hewlett, Broadcaster and Media Commentator; and
  • Mr Ray Snoddy, Media Commentator