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Lords question Ofcom on TV advertising regulations

22 November 2010

The House of Lords Communications Committee heard evidence from Ofcom on Tuesday 23 November as part of its inquiry into the regulation of the television advertising industry.

The Committee asked representatives from Ofcom’s Competition Group and Content division about issues such as the obligations of public service broadcasters, ITV’s special position within television advertising, and spending on original UK content and how this might be affected by changes to regulations of television advertising.

Questions were also asked about how removing the CRR regulations (which regulate how much ITV can charge advertisers) would affect the cost of television advertising and what effect this would have on ITV and other broadcasters.

The Committee also discussed the Code on Scheduling of TV Advertising, and the Airtime Sales Rules.

Witnesses appearing before the Committee were:

  • Mr Stuart McIntosh, Partner, Competition Group
  • Ms Kate Stross, Director of Content
  • Ms Siobhan Walsh, Principal, Competition Group

The evidence session took place at 4.30 pm on Tuesday 23 November in Committee Room 2 of the House of Lords.