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Lords question Channels 4 and 5

10 November 2010

The House of Lords Communications Committee questioned Channels 4 and Five on Tuesday 9 November as part of its inquiry into the regulation of the television advertising industry.

The Committee ask Channels 4 and Five about their views on possible changes to the regulation of television advertising minutage and how any such changes might affect the public service broadcasters.  Witnesses were also questioned about the likely trends in television advertising revenue and their expected shares of this revenue over the next five years, as well as how the removal of the Contract Rights Renewal mechanism, which regulates what ITV can charge for advertising, might affect their revenues and programming.

Witnesses giving evidence were:

  • Ms Anne Bulford, Chief Operating Officer, Channel 4
  • Ms Gill Pritchard, Director of Strategy, Channel 4
  • Mr Martin Stott, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Channel Five
  • Mr Kelly Williams, Director of Sales, Channel Five

The evidence session took place at 3.30 pm on Tuesday 9 November in Committee Room 2 of the House of Lords.