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Lords investigate the balance of power between publishers and platforms

22 June 2020

The Communications and Digital Committee continues its inquiry into the future of journalism when it takes evidence from newspaper publishers and representatives of Facebook and Google.


Tuesday 23 June at 3.00pm
Virtual meeting

  • David Dinsmore, Chief Operating Officer, News UK
  • Peter Wright, Editor Emeritus, DMG Media

At 4.00pm

  • Edward Bowles, Director of Public Policy for Northern, Central, and Eastern Europe, Facebook
  • Tom Morrison-Bell, Government Affairs and Public Policy Manager, Google

Possible questions

Possible questions and topics for discussion with News UK and DMG media include:

  • Is there scope for more collaboration between larger and smaller news organisations?
  • How could the BBC and other public bodies further support the industry?
  • How are journalistic skills best learned and how could public policy make it easier for those without university degrees to go into journalism?

Possible questions and topics for discussion with Facebook and Google

  • Do your platforms profit from carrying news from publishers and, if so, why do you not pay publishers for the right to carry their content?
  • How do you ensure that original news sources are more prominent than re-reporting by other outlets?
  • How could public policy better support media literacy?

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