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Levelling-Up funds inquiry questions Scotland Deputy First Minister and council representatives

24 November 2022

On Monday afternoon, the Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (LUHC) Committee questions John Swinney MSP, Scotland Deputy First Minister, followed by representatives from the Local Government Association and local councils for the Committee’s inquiry into Funding for Levelling-Up.

Purpose of the session

The Committee is examining the funds available for levelling-up and how effectively resources are directed to those areas most in need.

The cross-party group of MPs are expected to focus on questions concerning allocations   and delivery of funding for levelling-up, the Levelling-Up Fund and UK Shared Prosperity Fund, and also broader topics of how to support local areas and regions and ensure the success of the levelling-up agenda.

The Committee has also published today correspondence from Dehenna Davidson, Minister for Levelling-Up (dated 9th November), on information (see spreadsheets here and here) relating to levelling-up funds across Government. This includes data relating to funding allocations year-by-year of DLUHC’s levelling up funds, and the regional breakdowns, and also a list of successful and unsuccessful applicants to the first round of the Levelling Up Fund with the amount sought.

The Committee’s inquiry is examining questions around the allocation of levelling-up resources and the aim, size and focus of the many different funds available. The inquiry will also explore how far the Government’s approach to funding for levelling up, contributes to its objective of levelling up the country, whether it is on track and whether it offers value for money given the current economic climate.


Monday 28 November

From 16.30

  • John Swinney MSP, Scotland Deputy First Minister (giving evidence online)

From 17.00

  • Councillor Kevin Bentley, Chairman of the People and Places Board, Local Government Association
  • Geoff Raw, Chief Executive, Brighton and Hove City Council (giving evidence online)
  • Matt O'Neill, Executive Director for Growth and Sustainability, Barnsley Borough  Council
  • Georgina Blakemore, Chief Executive, Epping Forest District Council

Further information 

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