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Experts and academics questioned on capturing increases in land value

8 May 2018

Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee hears from academics and experts on land value capture, and from organisations with experience of different methods of capturing increases in the value of land.


Tuesday 8 May in the Thatcher Room, Portcullis House 

At 4pm

Panel 1: Academics and Experts

  • Steve Akehurst, Head of Public Affairs, Shelter
  • Professor John Henneberry, Professor of Property Development Studies, University of Sheffield
  • Liz Peace CBE, Adviser on Property, Politics and the Built Environment

Panel 2: Real world examples

  • David Ames, Head of Strategic Planning and Development, Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation
  • Tom Chance, Head of Grants and Development, National Network of Community Land Trusts
  • Julian Ware, Head of Major Project Funding, Transport for London

Purpose of the session

The session is the first in the land value capture inquiry, which is examining the effectiveness of current methods and the need for new ways of capturing any uplift in the value of land associated with the granting of planning permission or nearby infrastructure improvements.

MPs are likely to question the panel of experts on what the objectives for land value capture systems should be and the effectiveness of current methods. Representatives from the Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation, National Network of Community Land Trusts and Transport for London will then be asked about their experiences. 

Further information

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