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Local Government Ombudsman candidate endorsed by Committee

4 November 2016

The Communities and Local Government Committee has endorsed the appointment of the Government's preferred candidate for Local Government Ombudsman and Chair of the Commission for Local Administration in England, Michael King.

Pre-appointment hearing

The Committee concluded that Mr King is a suitable appointment for the post following a pre-appointment hearing in Parliament on Tuesday 1 November 2016. The candidate was asked about his professional background and experience and particular challenges facing the organisation.

The Committee has set out its findings on Mr King's suitability for the post in a report. The final decision on whether to proceed with the appointment will be made by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

Chair's comments

Clive Betts MP, Chair of the Communities and Local Government Committee, said:

"On the basis of the evidence presented to us, we believe that Michael King is suitable for appointment to the post of Local Government Ombudsman and Chair of the Commission for Local Administration in England. We wish him well in his new post."

Local Government Ombudsman

The Local Government Ombudsman investigates complaints from members of the public about local authority functions and services and provides advice and guidance on good administrative practices and how to improve local service delivery.

Since 2008, departmental select committees have had a formal role in the appointment process of some designated public posts which fall under the remit of their respective Government departments.

Government's preferred candidate

Mr King has been Chief Executive Officer and Accounting Officer of the Local Government Ombudsman and the Commission for Local Administration in England (LGO/CLAE) since 2015. He was Executive Director of the LGO/CLAE from 2012–15 and was previously a Deputy LGO, responsible for the regional office for the North of England and the Midlands.

From 1989–2004, Mr King worked for Newcastle, Gateshead and Northumberland Councils.

Further information

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