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Housing for older people: inquiry continued

15 September 2017

The newly appointed Communities and Local Government (CLG) Committee will continue the work of the previous Committee in its inquiry on housing for older people in England.


The inquiry will examine whether the housing on offer for this group of people is sufficiently available and suitable for their needs and, in doing so, consider how older people wish to live. The Committee will take into account the context of significant housing shortages, rising numbers of older people and pressures on health and social care.

Submitting evidence

The Committee is expected to begin the public evidence sessions for this inquiry in October.

The Committee will make full use of the written evidence received for this inquiry during the last Parliament, and those that submitted written evidence should not submit this again.

However, stakeholders and the public are invited to submit any updates to those original submissions if they so wish by Friday 6 October, using the written submissions form.

The Committee also welcomes new submissions from those who did not submit evidence previously.

Terms of reference

The terms of reference of the inquiry seek to address the following points:

  • The adequacy of provision of homes for older people and the challenges people face in accessing housing which meets their needs.
  • The adequacy of current planning policy and Government initiatives in England in meeting the housing needs of older people
  • Whether more housing designed specifically for older people could help address England's wider housing needs
  • The extent to which improving specialist housing provision in England could improve people's health and wellbeing, and deliver savings in public expenditure
  • The availability of finance to help older people 'right size' in retirement, and the impact of the cap on Housing Benefit from April 2017 on the development of specialist housing.
  • Whether a national strategy for the support of housing provision specifically for older people is needed.

Further information

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