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Chair's concerns over "disingenuous" Universal Credit ad

19 October 2018

Committee Chair Rt Hon Frank Field MP has written to Universal Credit Programme Director Neil Couling requesting an explanation of “how misleading advertising such as this is compatible with, and supportive of, the Department's commitment to transparent and open communication with claimants and stakeholders over Universal Credit?”

Chair's comments

"These so-called “facts” about Universal Credit are nothing of the kind. Large numbers of low-paid workers are not paid monthly. And no one has their wages paid to their partner. The only “mirror” here is the looking glass that Ministers and officials have surely stepped through, into Wonderland. They need urgently to set about rebuilding trust in our benefits system, by giving Universal Credit the flexibility it needs to reflect the reality of how people live, work, and budget – not playing them for fools with disingenuous ads like these.”

Further information

Image: iStockphoto